Terrelle Burdine

Terrelle Burdine began working at Rainbows in 2001 and has never looked back. He attended Butler County College and is currently finishing up his Child Development Associate Credential.

When asked what Terrelle loves about working at Rainbows he said “I love meeting, working with and helping all the families I have met over the years.”

 “Terrelle is a great team member, and often helps with tasks that aren’t directly assigned to him.  It’s also a wonderful benefit to have a positive male role model working with children at such an important time in their development.  The children in all the classrooms really respond well to him!” said Terrelle’s supervisor, Michelle Croomes.

Terrelle believes “Rainbows has supported and believed in me from the beginning and because of that I have become more knowledgeable and more of a compassionate person.”

Terrelle is recently engaged and has a beautiful baby girl. During his spare time he loves to watch sports on TV, play softball and go on walks with his family.