Rainbows United

Annual Campaign

Every parent wants the best for their child.

Hopes and dreams for children begin even before they are born. For Alex and Kayla, their lives changed when their son arrived early. “Matthew was in the hospital to get strong enough to come home. It was a scary time for us,” said Kayla.

Once he was home, life got back to normal for a while, until Alex and Kayla noticed Matthew wasn’t crawling, he wasn’t interested in language like others his age, and he wasn’t strong enough to hold himself up. That scared feeling came back.

“There was this feeling like nothing I do is making a difference for him,” said Alex.

Matthew’s doctor recommended Rainbows and an Occupational Therapist began visiting the family to work with Matthew and his parents. After a few months of early intervention therapy, he can now sit up on his own, crawl and is beginning to walk.
“He is more verbal and mobile. My lovable little boy can sit up on his own and crawl. Having the therapist come to our home is a life saver. She has new ideas and is always sharing ways we can help Matthew,” says Kayla. “I’m so glad to have Rainbows.”

After six month of services, Matthew is progressing and the therapy is working.

You can provide life changing therapies with your gift to Rainbows’ Annual Campaign. When you invest in Rainbows, you help families get the training they need to support their children as they learn and grow.

We’re counting on your gift to help us reach our goal of $1.2 million this year to support services to 3,200 children with special needs and their families in our community, just like Matthew.