Children’s Mental Health

Our job is to plant seeds


Rainbows United overcomes challenge of hands-off work with special-needs infants and toddlers 

Serving children with special needs for 48 years

Celebrating the History of Rainbows

Coleen Jennison, Board Member

Bringing the Rainbows' mission to life

Rainbows' Infant/Toddler Services

Recommended by NICU doctors, I called Rainbows to help my baby

Happy Birthday Rainbows

48 Years of Making a Difference in the Lives of Children with Special Needs and their Families

Children’s Mental Health

Helping our children learn to manage emotions effectively

Providing audiology services during a pandemic is a challenge, but Rainbows has adapted.

Patrick Washington, Audiologist

Children’s Mental Health

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps treat anxiety

Children’s Mental Health

Children learn skills through play