He's off to kindergarten now.

My son had the great pleasure of being in the childcare program at Rainbows United for five years.  Brody started in the nursery when he was nine weeks old.  Being a first time Mom, everything scared me.  I would often wonder, “Am I doing things right?”  Yet, the easiest and best decision I made was enrolling Brody at Rainbows United. 

From the beginning I was impressed with the classroom staff.  I could tell they were not just doing a job, but, doing what they loved!  A day didn’t go by that I wouldn’t seek advice or ask a “dumb” question regarding Brody’s development.  The vast knowledge they had in early childhood issues was remarkable.

It was around Brody’s first birthday he started biting.  I had a hard time with this.  I did not like that he was hurting his friends.  I talked to some of my friends and family about it.  Most of the advice I got did not help.  It actually made me feel like I was doing something wrong.  Then I approached Miss Glinda, Brody’s teacher.  I had grown so frustrated by this time I was almost in tears.  She explained to me Brody was just communicating.  He did not have many words yet and he was only expressing himself.  She assured me Brody would correct this behavior himself.  I loved and trusted Miss Glinda.  She was the only person that helped me turn a negative situation in to a positive one. 

Sure enough, by his second birthday Brody wasn’t biting anymore.  He would use his words to express himself.  Miss Glinda worked closely with Brody in the classroom to develop his language.  Miss Glinda believed in Brody while others just thought he was being mean.  I will never forget this. 

Rainbows United offered Brody an environment to learn not everyone has the same abilities.  This gave Brody not only knowledge, but, compassion regarding all persons.  Brody does not act differently around people with disabilities.  It has been part of his world all his life.  I credit this to his time at Rainbows United. 

 Brody’s favorite part of Rainbows is their outdoor classrooms.  This has helped him know the importance of being a good steward to our planet.  His favorite part was watering the plants.  Brody’s love for the outdoors has transitioned to our home as well.  This spring he planted sunflowers.  He cared for his pot of flowers like they were his babies.  Last year on Earth day his class was able to plant a tree in the outdoor classrooms.  Brody was proud because his class was helping the planet!                

Brody just completed his time at Rainbows United.  He will start Kindergarten this year prepared and ready for his new adventure.  I have often told the staff I wish Brody could stay at Rainbows United his entire academic life.  There is a lot of truth in that statement.  I only hope our experience with school is half as positive as our year’s with Rainbows United. 

I started out as a scared first time Mom not knowing much about parenting.  Rainbows United has given my support, pride, and confidence that I am doing things right.

- Brody's Mom, Christy