Cale and Jayden

Brothers with a special bond

Cale and Jayden Twietmeyer are brothers diagnosed with X-Linked Hydrocephalous and are receiving Case Management Services at Rainbows. These boys have a tight-knit bond only being born 2 years apart with Cale being 7 and Jayden being 5 years old. Around the house, Cale sets a great example for his little brother as Jayden tries to keep up with everything Cale does. With two different, but bright personalities, Jennifer states, “He (Cale) loves to make people happy and proud of him. He’s a hard worker who tries very hard at any task put in front of him, while Jayden very laid back and happy just going with the flow. He’s a little more shy than Cale but is starting to come out of his shell.”

Being the more curious child, Cale enjoys getting into things all around the house and loves to swim and play with his Grandpa. On the other hand, Jayden is always up for a long ride in the car or walks around the city. Both love to spend time with their family, whom are his father, Thad, mother, Jennifer, and sister, Morgan.

Their family is continually proud of their achievements and growth and are always by their side supporting them. Jayden and Cale both work with the same team that have all seen improvements in motor skills, strength, and agility in the two boys. “Jayden was a little more challenged than Cale but received the same high level of care from the same team that helped his brother.” their mother, Jennifer said.  “He (Jayden) rolls and sits up on his own and will continue to grow and progress because of the help he received. Cale would not be as strong and physically active as he is without Rainbows’ help and guidance. They set the foundation for his desire to work and try hard.”

From birth, Rainbows has been with the Twietmeyer family and will continue the bond working closely to furthermore bring Jayden and Cale’s potential to life.