Loves to play outside at Camp Woochuck.

Cody has received services from Rainbows United since he was two years old and diagnosed with Myclonic Generalized Seizure Disorder. During that time he had speech, occupational, and physical therapy through Rainbows’ Infant-Toddler Services. Later he attended preschool at Rainbows. Currently he receives supportive home care and targeted case management.

For a time Cody’s seizures were getting worse and worse. “He has actually sustained injuries from falls during seizures,” said Vanessa, Cody’s case manager. His seizures triggered behavioral changes and caused Cody to regress developmentally. Recently he started a new medication and his seizures have decreased significantly.

Through Rainbows targeted case management, Cody’s family found funding for keypad locks to keep him from leaving the house and getting into dangerous situations. Vanessa attends his Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meetings and helped him to get on the state Developmental Disability Waiver.  She has also directed the family to Parson’s State Hospital Dual Diagnosis Team for a behavioral consultation.

A previous case manager, Amanda, assisted Cody’s family to find the funding for Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck during the summer. She also helped the family get other funding for equipment to keep Cody safe. “It is important to know that not only did she help us when we asked, but she also cares enough that when Rainbows got a donation of a special car seat she knew we could use, she went out of her way to make sure that our family was taken care of,” said Cody’s mom, Jody.  Rainbows and the Children’s Miracle Network have helped fund an iPad that aids Cody’s communication.

Cody loves to play outside at Camp Woodchuck during the summer. “He still has behavioral challenges but loves to laugh and chase his momma, he can be such a sweet boy,” said Jody.  “He is always smiling— a happy kid always holding people’s hands."

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