His personality has blossomed.

Born with a cleft lip and inverted palate, Connor had difficulty communicating, which frustrated both the toddler and his parents. After three years of speech therapy, Connor now attends St. Margaret Mary Preschool and receives Rainbows services through CBETS.

His family attributes much of his success to assistant speech language pathologist Laura, or “our angel” as his grandmother calls her. “He is happier because he can finally tell us what he is thinking,” says his mom, Suzanne. “His personality has blossomed now that he can participate.”

Laura was able to combine her unique and creative ideas with that of other staff members to create an effective technique to motivate and communicate with Connor. His family has noticed substantial progress since working with Rainbows. He tells knock-knock jokes and is learning to say abracadabra for his new favorite game, magic tricks! “I never thought he’d come so far in such a short time,” says Suzanne.

Helping a child to be all they can be is a great feeling. Give to Rainbows today.