Cynthia Anderson

Specialized Foster Care

“I can’t take care of all the children in need, but I can care for one child at a time,” says Cynthia Anderson, Specialized Foster Care parent for Rainbows United. “Children need a place where they can feel safe. I love these kids. I can be their voice.”

Cynthia has been providing foster care for the past 21 years and got connected to Rainbows almost five years ago. Growing up with a sister with special needs is the inspiration that propelled Cynthia into fostering children with special needs. “I always wondered, if my mom and I had not been there to love and take care of her, where would my sister have ended up?”

“I give these special kids a home because it exemplifies the humanity that should be in all of us,” Cynthia says. “I take care of them and help them be understood.”

“An important thing to know about Cynthia is her big heart,” says Kerri Dixon, Rainbows’ Foster Care Social Worker. “She takes in challenging children who have moved through the foster care system a lot. She is a strong advocate for the children we place in her home. She is a joy to work with!”