Kind heart, with a beautiful smile

Dakota Patterson is 18 years old and enjoys riding her adaptive tricycle in her neighborhood. She attends Levy Transitional School during the school year and Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck during the summer. “Attending Camp Woodchuck in the summer months prevents Dakota from regressing,” said her mom, Amy. “She will wake up during the summer asking to go to Camp. The Camp staff are amazing and I know she is safe when she is there.”

Dakota got connected to Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management services in 2004. Due to her many diagnosis including Autism, pervasive developmental disorder, sensory integration Dysfunction and developmental delays, Dakota functions as a 4-5 year old in the body of a teenager. Dakota requires help with everyday tasks and has learned to adapt to her environment the best she can with her disabilities. “She just wants to be included and involved like the rest of us,” said Amy. “She is a sweet and kind young lady with a beautiful smile.”

He mom likes having TCM services because there is always someone to turn to when she had questions or concerns. “Having another advocate at IEP meetings is wonderful. We have been really happy with the quality of care Dakota has received through Rainbows.”