Communicates through the use of pictures.

Gabriel’s family first heard about Rainbows through a community member after sharing concerns about Gabriel’s development. This mother of two had received Rainbows’ services and shared how Rainbows could help. Gabriel qualified and began receiving Rainbows’ services which has made all the difference for him and his family.

Linda Cathey, a Rainbows’ Physical Therapist Assistant, is Gabriel’s Primary Coach and Family Services Coordinator. “When I say Linda is coming, Gabriel goes to the door and waits for her,” said Great Grandma Barbara who is his main caregiver. “She is excellent and he loves her.” Linda provides physical therapy, seeks funding for items the family needs, and provides the family guidance in their journey. Linda plans to accompany the family to an upcoming visit with a geneticist in search for help identifying a diagnosis.  This support is meaningful and appreciated by Gabriel’s family.

Along with Linda, Sarah, a Rainbows’ Social Worker, provided the family with a list of doctors when they were searching for a new pediatrician. Linda and Sarah have also aided the family in applying for Supplemental Security Income, as well as helping Gabriel’s family secure loaner shoe inserts, through a grant Rainbows receives for loaner orthotics. Linda was also instrumental in providing the family with a special car seat for Gabriel through a grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The car seat has helped Gabriel feel more at ease when riding in the car.

“Gabriel won’t ride in the car without the car seat,” Barbara said. “It makes his spine feel better, he sits up straighter so it is more comfortable for him.”

In addition to physical therapy services, Gabriel also receives occupational and speech therapy. He attends Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler playgroup which allows Gabriel to interact with other children his age. “Gabriel is a very social boy,” Barbara said. “Playgroup has activities every child can do, he has learned so much.”

Because of Rainbows, Gabriel now walks with a more upright posture, drinks from a cup and is beginning to feed himself. He also is able to communicate more effectively through pictures.

Barbara and her husband Terry are thankful for the help Rainbows has provided them. “I wouldn’t have known where to go or what to do without Rainbows,” Barbara said. “When we found Rainbows, they saved Gabriel.”

Gabriel is pictured with Linda above.