Jensen & Aluxandria

Destined for Great Things

Now almost 3-years-old, twins Jensen Lee and Aluxandria Jo Burns have been very busy since the last Rainbows Run! Their mother, Rachel, said, “We are doing so many new things and meeting every milestone for their age. With the nice weather approaching, we are spending loads of time outside.  Jensen and Aluxandria enjoy going to dance class and story time at the Augusta Library.”

Born almost 2 months early at 3 and 4 pounds, they had a long stay in the NICU. Because of their premature birth, they were expectedly a little behind when it came to developmental milestones. Both Jensen and Aluxandria began receiving services from Rainbows’ Butler County Infant/Toddler Services when they were 2-months-old. Melissa Baumgartel, Special Education teacher, works with the twins on many different things, including talking, learning sign language, and developing motor skills.  “They have gone from being behind on skills to catching up, and even surpassing, in some areas,” said Rachel.

“The twins have grown in speech by not just using words, but they are now forming sentences and singing,” said Rachel. “We are working on potty training and it is going well! Jensen and Aluxandria are big helps around the house.  They like to help Mom cook and Dad fix things with tools.”

“Rainbows has been a huge blessing in our life,” said Rachel. “They have helped provide tools for the kids and for us as parents to use to make sure the twins are growing and developing in the best way possible. Rainbows prime concern is that Jensen and Aluxandria are happy and healthy. They truly want to see your children succeed just as much as you do.”