Jensen & Aluxandria

Destined for Great Things

“I am the mother of Jensen Lee Burns and Aluxandria Jo Burns, 17 month old twins. The twins were born almost 2 months early. At 3 and 4 pounds, they had a long stay in the NICU. Because of their premature birth, they were expectedly a little behind when it came to developmental milestones.

We were referred to Rainbows, and both Jensen and Aluxandria have been receiving services since about 2 months old. These services have affected our everyday life by encouraging us to be more aware of what the twins are doing and helps us know what we need to be doing as a family in order to aid their progress. We have benefitted from lots of information that we wouldn't have otherwise had! Rainbows is a form of support, and their staff will be longtime friends.

Melissa Baumgartel, a Special Education teacher from Rainbows’ Bright Beginnings program, provides services for our family. We love her! She works on many different things with them, including talking, learning sign language, and developing motor skills. They have gone from being behind on skills to catching up, and even surpassing, in some areas.

Rainbows has impacted our lives in a huge way, just knowing that other people care about our children and want to make sure they are meeting milestones. They want our children to be doing things that other kids their age do. Their prime concern is that Jensen and Aluxandria are happy and healthy. Rainbows staff is so thoughtful and kind, and truly wants to see your children succeed just as much as you do.

Just because the twins had a bit of a rough start in life, they are capable of anything and I know they are destined for great things.”

-written by Rachel Burns, a Rainbows’ mother