Learning through music.

Josiah is a four year old in Miss Ashley’s class at Rainbows Kids’ Point, he has struggled with a developmental delay, potty training, and behavioral outbursts. His mother, Yiyesha, has seen his improvements in speaking more words, potty training progress, and staying calm when he does not get his way.

“They (Rainbows) are very patient with my child,” Yiyesha said.

Rainbows has also helped Josiah through music. When Josiah would come home singing or humming songs he had learned at school, he would want Yiyesha to sing along. When Josiah joined Miss Ashley’s class, she sent home the tunes to the songs making it possible for her to sing with her son. “He would get frustrated when I didn’t know the song,” Yiyesha said. “This works for us.”

Josiah has improved through specialized potty training, which Yiyesha says has been a big deal for her. “Without that, it would have been extremely hard,” she said.

Yiyesha is happy when she gets a call from Rainbows about her son. “They don’t just call when something bad happens,” she said. “They give you calls when he’s done something good or learned something new.”

Josiah enjoys playing with planes, trains, and cars and almost always has an airplane in hand. He loves big hugs and is a very loving child. Josiah enjoys coming to childcare at Kids’ Point.

“Anything I want to work on they (Rainbows) will work with me,” Yiyesha said.