Kimber & Kaylee

Tremendous Improvement

In April 2017, Tia Keplinger shared her family’s personal experience with Rainbows’ services.

“My daughters, Kimber and Kaylee, are 15 month old twin girls who receive services from Rainbows. We first sought help from Rainbows when I noticed they weren't meeting developmental milestones and seemed to be falling far behind. Their doctor told us about Rainbows, and we contacted them right away. They have been helping us ever since.

As a stay-at-home mom with a husband who travels 90% of the year, I'm at home with the twins and our 3 year old toddler by myself most the time. Since Kara Knight, our Rainbows’ therapist, started visiting the girls, they have both improved tremendously! Kara comes to our family home once every two weeks to work with Kimber and Kaylee. She also teaches me ways I can help them to strengthen their muscles outside of therapy sessions. Their muscle weakness is one of the issues that has caused them fall behind in a lot of areas. Having someone there to show me different ways to help and support my children is amazing. Our family really appreciates Rainbows. Kara has done so much to get my girls where they need to be. I want people in similar shoes to know that it's OK to seek help, because it is the best and most beneficial thing for your child. Rainbows is staffed with caring, flexible employees, who make up amazing programs. Rainbows is truly there solely to help your children be the best they can be.” 

Look ahead almost a year later, and Kara Knight, the family’s talented Occupational Therapist, says the girls are still making great progress. “The Keplinger family is an amazing family to work with, and the girls continue to make nice gains every time I visit. Tia, their mother, works hard to implement strategies into daily routines to help enhance developmental skills. Kimber and Kaylee have made a lot of gains since last year. They run, and climb and do great in gymnastics. They have started using utensils and drinking from open mouth cups. Their mom and grandmother make sure to focus on all areas of development and will do anything suggested.  Kimber and Kaylee know some animals and can name their corresponding sounds. They are even starting to tell caregivers what they want, like what to eat, to drink, or which movie to watch. Currently, we are working on self-regulation and calming techniques with the girls.”