Uses an iPad through proceeds from the Blarney Breakfast.

Kinley is four years old and lives on a farm with her family. She has received services from Rainbows since she was 10 months old and had visits from Infant/Toddler Services in her home. When she turned three she started Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management Services. Kinley has Hypotonia, which makes her muscles very weak, visual impairment and a developmental disability. She is also non-verbal and uses a wheelchair daily. 

Kinley’s case manager, Vanessa helps the family on a regular basis by finding diapers for Kinley and helping her mother get funding for respite care.  Through funding from the 39th Annual Blarney Breakfast and Children’s Miracle Network, Kinley will receive an iPad. Her mother, Kindra is hopeful about Kinley making improvements through this equipment. “I am hoping that I can find some vision exercises to help her with eye movement and tracking. Also, finding some music apps and games to attract her attention,” she said. “I hope it will help stimulate her to the life around her.”

It is hard to describe Kinley’s interests because she doesn’t speak, crawl, walk or seem to like very many things. “But she does like music,” said Kindra. “She laughs and kicks her leg up and smiles when she hears it.” She also likes playing with her older brother. “Kinley has definitely made us a more aware of special needs and how they are a blessing. Of course, it a lot harder work, but we are more knowledgeable now. She is special just like any other child,” said Kindra.