A love of animals and friends

Nove, age 14, was diagnosed with atypical autism in 2010. For the last few years, she has been involved in Rainbows’ services through her targeted case manager Vanessa and has been attending Camp Woodchuck. She is a happy child who loves animals, which shows in their three dogs and guinea pig at home, and spending time with her friends. Camp Woodchuck provides a great place for her to make friends and learn appropriate social interactions.

Her mom says that there have been many changes in recent years, from becoming toilet trained to improvements in gross motor skills such as cutting up her own food. Her mom accredits this some to medicine and growing up, but also to therapy and Rainbows services.

“We currently get services mostly through South Central Mental Health in Andover, and she attends the Autism program for middle and high school at Douglass. She has blossomed and done so much better since being moved to that program. I believe she’ll be starting her 3rd year in the program in the fall. She’ll be a freshman.” said her mom, Jenn.

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