Speech and language are priority in family activities.

Rebecca is a curious, adventurous, and fun little girl. She is 2 ½ years old and has been receiving speech therapy from Rainbows’ for speech delays since June 2015.

Before coming to Rainbows, Rebecca only spoke about five words. However, after working with Rainbows’ Speech Language Pathologist Debbie Harr, Rebecca has made huge improvements. “Since Rainbows, she has started talking and she can now communicate most of her needs,” said her mother, Richelle. Debbie provides speech therapy in the family home, working around their busy schedule.  According to Debbie, Rebecca’s communication has come a long way. “Becca has definitely become a communicative little girl, and knows that talking is something that people do!  While we continue to help her pronounce syllables and words more clearly, we are gradually able to understand more of what she says,” Debbie shared. Richelle has also noticed her daughter’s significant verbal strides. “Becca can say more than 100 words now, in correct context and several words in a row,” she said.

Before Rebecca got connected to Rainbows, her mother was not sure where to begin to help her daughter with her speech. “To have someone, like Debbie, who can show you little things to do differently in your daily routine makes a huge difference,” said Richelle. “It has truly been a blessing in our lives.” Debbie has enjoyed her time working with Rebecca and her family as well. “I so appreciate the way Richelle and her husband, Aaron, work to implement communication strategies into all of their family activities,” Debbie said. “They understand the importance of speech and language for Becca's continued development and learning.”

Richelle loves the convenience of Rainbows and said that her daughter’s sessions feel more like a friend coming over to visit rather than an appointment. “Rainbows’ staff is very friendly and will become a part of your family.”