Remarkable amount of progress.

Sadie Carmichael is a beautiful, vibrant one-year-old girl. Born prematurely at 27 weeks, she entered the world weighing only 2 pounds 4 ounces. In the wake of her early birth, she has encountered challenges with meeting developmental milestones. Ten months ago, Sadie’s family found Rainbows and she has since been receiving assistance to help her meet those monthly developmental objectives. “We feel Rainbows has helped Sadie’s development in a substantial manner,” said her father, Bob, an active duty USAF Staff Sergeant. “She is a little behind, but her motor skills and overall development have progressively improved, even at an accelerated rate in some aspects.”

Sadie’s therapy sessions take place in the Carmichael family home located in McConnell Air Force base Housing, with visits from Miss Brenda. Brenda Marr is a Rainbows’ Special Education Teacher. “Without Rainbows and Brenda’s help, we do not feel Sadie would be where she is today,” said Bob. “This is such a great organization and we cannot begin to say thanks enough for the help we have received.” However, Brenda also gives credit to the effort made by Sadie’s parents for her improvements. “I absolutely love working with the Carmichael family,” Brenda said. “Sadie has had a remarkable amount of progress due to her parents following through with suggestions I have made to them.”

Bob is excited to see his daughter continually grow, progress, and become her own person. “She is a fighter and such a wonderful child,” he said. “We are already so proud of her and how she has matured and improved. She has been through so much in her short lifespan, but she has fought and continues to each day.” The Carmichael family is thankful for Rainbows and wants others to know about the services they have received and the people they have met. “It is a great feeling to know that there are people like the individuals that work for Rainbows out there to help children,” said Bob. “This is one bright spot in the world that people need to know about.”