Strength that knows no limits

Sutton Slade has received services from Rainbows since 2 months of age. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, his services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy.

“Sutton is a handsome, charming boy who tries hard during our physical therapy sessions; his smile will invite anyone and everyone to talk to him,” said his therapist, Rhonda Davis.

Sutton also attends Rainbows’ Kids’ Point for childcare. It was a challenge for Sutton’s family to find childcare that they felt completely comfortable with. Knowing Rainbows’ teachers have specific training and a Registered Nurse on staff made it the perfect fit.

“I didn’t think another person could care for my child like I do, but Sutton loves Stacy, his classroom teacher at Rainbows, to the moon and back,” said Tiffany. “Therefore, we love her too.”

Sutton’s parents, Tiffany and Scott, and his older brother, Sawyer, see continuous progress with Sutton.

“Sutton's communication is growing daily,” said Tiffany. “He has grown in his ability to sit with support and grab objects. His eating habits have also greatly improved.”

Sutton loves being outside playing soccer and baseball, but one of his favorite activities is going to the zoo and exploring all of the different animal exhibits. Sutton is a fun and friendly personality in the classroom and never fails to get along with his classmates.  

“Sutton is a great kid, always happy and loving,” said his Rainbows’ teacher, Stacy Jensen. “He likes to play with one of the stuffed frogs in our room and gets so excited when he is able to get out of his wheelchair to play on the floor with the other children.”

After an emergency surgery during pregnancy, Sutton’s parents were told he was not going to make it.Two years and a half years later, Sutton has grown into a happy, determined kid.

 “He has a smile that lights up a room, a belly laugh that will make the toughest exterior crumble and strength that knows no limits,” said his mother. “Every day with him is an absolute blessing and joy.”