Well prepared for school

There is not a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed that my nine year old daughter attended Rainbows United's Preschool program. 

The quality of the preschool education she received has prepared her to excel in school. Even before she started Kindergarten, we were told by her current school that she was well prepared. Talia's reading skills are far beyond her 4th grade year and she has been on the honor roll for the past several years. 

I know that her preschool education provided a good set of foundations she needed to be successful in school.  I honestly don't think she would have received what she did if she would have attended another school.  Talia still talks about her friends from Rainbows.   Talia has not only done well academically, but the opportunity she had at Rainbows to be in a classroom with a diverse group of children has allowed her to see that everyone is different and unique and that's o.k.. 

These are the things that, as a parent, I love about the Rainbows experience!

- Talia's Mom