A happy-go-lucky little man.

Toben is 23 months old and the youngest of three children. His sister, Madelin, and his brother, Carson, couldn’t possibly love him more. “Toben’s siblings are sometimes there during therapy and they are always fun and take part to help their brother grow,” said his Physical Therapist, Gail.

He brings immense joy to his entire family and is a delight to be around. “Being a toddler, Toben has his moments,” said his mom, Holly. “But he is generally a happy-go-lucky little man.”

Toben has been receiving services from Rainbows’ for a year now and he is constantly improving. He receives speech therapy with Margaret and physical therapy with Gail. “We love them both!” said Holly.

 “Holly is fantastic at following through with any ideas we have, and she is also incredible at coming up with her own ideas to promote play and to work towards the outcomes we have had for walking and talking,” said Gail.

Toben’s doctors do not acknowledge that he is delayed and haven’t diagnosed him with anything specific. That is why Rainbows has made a huge impact on Toben and his family’s lives. “Rainbows’ has impacted our lives because they have been the only professionals who have shared my concerns and have worked with me to develop plans to help him,” said Holly.