Pandemic panic!
Victoria: In Home COVID story

Panic! That is how Ava describes the feeling she had when she found out her granddaughter, Victoria would not be going to school due to COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders. “I was in a panic about what to do so that Victoria would have the care that she needs,” said Ava. “We were in the process with our Case Manager to get more hours of care for her at home, but this was something we did not expect.” Victoria is 21 years-old and has received Rainbows’ services for her developmental delays and autism since she was 2 years-old. She will graduate high school this year and is in the process of transitioning to adult day-services.

“My stress was high until I realized we could get staff at home to replace the hours she would have been at school,” said Ava. “I am grateful Rainbows’ staff is able to stay with Victoria for those extra hours allowing me to continue to work. I was considering quitting my job and taking early retirement. I’m glad there was another option.”

A regular at Camp Woodchuck and after-school Latch-Key services over the years, the family also received in-home care from time-to-time as well. “It was wonderful to learn that Rainbows could send staff to our home during the day until the adult day services open,” said Ava, who works daily at a local manufacturing plant. “Victoria is looking forward to the activities and being social. She gets bored at home and misses shopping trips and dance parties.” 

As she reflects on all the years Victoria has spent with Rainbows, Ava says she’s been dreading going to her graduation and her last year of Camp, now it seems that there is an alternative. She will be able to skip the formalities and when the pandemic passes, Victoria will start the new chapter as an adult.

From Ava: Thank you so much for all the Rainbows staff has been able to do for us. We hope to be able to pop in for occasional visits from time to time. This is going to be a bittersweet transition for all of us.