Uses sign language to strengthen communication skills.

Twenty-month-old, Violet, started speech therapy through Rainbows United after her 15-month check up. At this time, Violet did not have any words or communication skills. Violet’s doctor referred her to Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services where she was evaluated and approved for speech therapy. Her mother, Sarah, had never heard of Rainbows and was unaware of the services offered in Butler County.

Violet’s speech therapist works with her to have fun with copying and using the moment of need or interest to bring meaning to communication. Through her therapy, Violet is building her confidence in language, using sign language and pictures to provide visual supports to assist in her communication development.

Violet now signs five words and speaks six after only six months of therapy. A large part of Violet’s success comes from the support of her family. Her parents are willing to explore a variety of avenues to encourage her development. Her four-year-old sister, Holly, helps to lead Violet by example and also practices sign language with her. Violet likes to observe others before trying a new task, and having her family model correct communication helps to strengthen her skills.

Violet’s mother feels others may assume that Violet’s speech delay means she is delayed in other areas. In truth, Violet is very smart and is only behind in this one area. But, with the therapy provided through Rainbows, she will continue to grow and will be on track in every area developmentally. Sarah is grateful for all Rainbows has done for her and hopes all families in need of services will be able to find success through Rainbows as well.