Be A Hero: Wichita Hero Project

It’s in your power to enhance the lives of all our super heroes!

Your gift makes it possible for every child to unmask their unique super hero powers. Heroes, like Michael, who have developmental delays in communication, socialization, and daily living skills.

Michael, now 18 years old, has received services since 2006 when he got connected to Rainbows for Targeted Case Management. Today, he enjoys friendships through after-school latchkey and fun activities at Camp Woodchuck during the summer months.

Through personalized care and modeling, Michael developed important social skills and meaningful friendships at Rainbows. Michael now greets his friends and likes to spend time with them.

Rainbows continues to need strong support from the community in order to serve more than 3,262 children with special needs annually. Our goal is raise $30,000 through this campaign, contributing to our overall agency need of $1.2 million in private fundraising dollars by June 30, 2018.

“Thank you so much for your help with Michael and all of the other children. You are heroes to all these children at a time when the world needs heroes,” said Frances White, Michael’s mother.

It’s in your power to enhance the lives of all our super heroes. Give today!