Danielle Parrott

Autism Specialist

“I’ve seen the quote:
‘It takes a special person to hear what a child cannot say.’

I think this summarizes Danielle Parrott and her work in our ABA program,” said Lindsay Kral, Targeted Case Management and Autism Services Coordinator. “She is very knowledgeable in her field and also genuinely cares about every single child we serve.”

Danielle has worked in the arena of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for over 10 years. She has her undergraduate degree in psychology and Master of Science in psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA).

“A typical day at Rainbows is filled by observing clients while they are working with my awesome team of Behavior Technicians,” said Danielle. “A lot of time is spent monitoring treatment plans by analyzing behavioral and goal-directed data, and planning future treatment plans. My favorite part of the job is working one-on-one with kids and seeing their progress.”

Currently, Rainbows’ Autism Services serve 7 children and has 4 full-time and 1 part-time staff members.

“I feel very fulfilled daily having the opportunity to work with such a closely knit team that truly cares about our kiddos,” said Danielle. “Seeing kids and technicians work so diligently on acquiring new skills to see the results and new skills come to fruition is such a rewarding experience. Knowing we are making a life-long difference in the lives of these children and families is beyond rewarding.”

Danielle likes to cook, travel, read, go on walks, watch documentaries and garden. She especially enjoys spending time with her husband of 17 years and their fearless, intelligent 13-year-old daughter.

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