Emily Watson

Behavior Technician

Emily Watson started working at Rainbows in 2017 as an assistant teacher in the Early Care and Education program. She was drawn to the children who needed extra help and decided to pursue additional education and earn her Behavior Technician certificate. Today, Emily is a valued Autism Services team member.

As a Behavioral Technician, Emily and her co-workers provide one-on one-services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They work on the individualized needs of each child, focusing on skills such as communication, social, independence, personal hygiene, and fine and gross motor.

“Each child I work with has their own goals that are carefully written into a treatment plan,” said Emily. ”We work on skills during structured sessions and we also spend time interacting with the child on the floor, working on skills during “play” time. “Play” time is an excellent opportunity to focus on social skills.”

Emily is also a Rainbows’ parent. “The day I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted my baby to go to Rainbows’ for child care,” said Emily. “I knew the quality care and love that Rainbows’ children receive beginning as infants and continuing through Pre-Kindergarten was what I wanted for her. I knew it would be easier for me as a first-time mom and for nursing my baby.” Now her 10-month old baby girl, Sofia, goes with her to work every day and she knows her baby is well taken care of.

“I love that I am able to go to Sofia’s classroom and nurse her,” said Emily. “I have been so blessed with an amazing team who make it possible for me to go nurse Sofia during the work day. Also, Sofia’s teachers are good at letting me know when I need to come down to Sofia’s room to feed her when I get busy.”

Emily says, “Being a first-time mom and having this opportunity to have my daughter in child care at the same building I work in is such a relief. I’m able to be focused and present.” This arrangement allows her to be the best therapist she can be for Rainbows’ children while being confident and secure knowing her child is in Rainbows’ care.

“Emily Watson is a valuable part of our Rainbows’ ABA team,” said Danielle Parrott, Autism Specialist. “Emily brings a caring and understanding leading to a connection with our children that cannot be taught. Emily is dependable and intuitive. I am extremely grateful to have her as part of the team.”


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