Gay Kimble


President since July 2022, Gay Kimble served as Vice President of Human Resources since January 2019. She helped lead Rainbows United through the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to ensure the health of children, families, and staff along with the focus of continuing to serve children and families during the difficult time. A member of the executive leadership team since joining Rainbows United, Kimble has been a strong advocate for Rainbows’ staff and collaborating with others to implement the agency’s strategic plan.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Wichita State University as well as the widely recognized SHRM-SCP certification.

A native of El Dorado, Gay says, “I was raised in a household where early childhood education was emphasized, as my mother was a long-time preschool teacher and a strong advocate for children. I greatly admire the Rainbows’ team and the work being done for the children of this community.”

Gay is married to Gene (also a Shocker alum) and has 3 children plus 2 grandchildren.

Favorite quote:
“Employees want to believe their company has a meaningful purpose. They want to know that their own job is worthwhile. They want to make a difference. If all three of these conditions are accomplished, bottom line results will follow.”  Quint Studer

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