Grant Stannard

Past Chair

A board member since 1993, Grant is on Rainbows’ Board of Directors and on the Rainbows United Charitable Foundation.

Over the past 20 years, Grant has supported Rainbows in nearly every capacity.  As CEO of Stannard Construction, he has not only provided his expert advice on building projects and playgrounds, but he often lent the equipment and labor to bring these endeavors to life.  Grant also served as the chair of our Growing Hope campaign and helped raise over $4 million. He has a passion for telling others how they can leave a legacy gift for the children of the future.

Not only does Grant have a long and generous history with Rainbows, but he is actively involved with the Quivira Council, B.S.A, Goodwill Industries, Wichita YMCA, the Plymouth Congregational Church and Exploration Place.

We are honored to have his name grace our building and it is only fitting that we enter Kids’ Point and the Boy Scout offices by driving down Stannard Way.

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