Graycee Meyer

Graycee has a passion for working with individuals with special needs. Her interest was sparked because of a close bond she has with her uncle. ”My uncle is a very important part of my life,” she said. Graycee’s uncle has Down’s Syndrome. As she got older, she developed a special relationship with him. Graycee’s mother, a special education teacher, was also one of the factors that lead her to pursue a volunteer role at Rainbows.

Graycee Meyer is a 16 year old Nebraska native who attends high school in Wichita. Since November, Graycee has been volunteering at Rainbows’ Kids’ Cove, and logs an average of 6 hours of work per week. “I do whatever is needed of me, which mostly involves organizing, helping with projects, and spending time with the kids,” said Graycee. She loves volunteering because she feels like she is making a difference. “This experience has taught me that giving back to the community is really rewarding, especially when you get to be around the people at Rainbows,” she said. “My favorite part is knowing I am helping out such an awesome place.”

Graycee works closely with Lark Walker, Family Support Services Supervisor. Lark assigns Graycee’s weekly tasks and is thankful to have her as a committed volunteer. “Gracyee has such a calm and pleasant attitude that it is always a delight to have her come in and volunteer,” said Lark. “She is on top of completing projects in a quick and efficient manner.”

Graycee would definitely recommend volunteering at Rainbows. “It is such a good environment to be in, and it always brightens my day. The staff is really kind, and the kids are awesome!” Not only does Graycee enjoy her time at Rainbows, it seems as though the children she works with do too. “One day I was meeting one of the children for the first time when he asked the lead coordinator, ‘So when are you going to pair me with her?’ It was pretty cute and really funny.”  Graycee also donates a portion of her time each summer to help children with special needs. “I volunteer one week at a camp for people with disabilities each summer,” she said. “And, I absolutely love it!”  When she’s not volunteering, you can find Graycee outdoors.  “I like run, do yoga, and walk my dog,” she said.  She also enjoys reading and painting.