Kenda Belknap

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, Kenda Belknap, says there was no decision making in how she became a teacher. “I came from a long line of teachers so I think it was just always in the back of my mind,” she said. Kenda has served at Rainbows for 10 years, doing what she loves.

Kenda has a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Special Education from Emporia State University.

Rainbows gave Kenda the ability to be more involved with her children, which was a positive thing for her as a mother. “Both of my kids started their education at Rainbows. I got to be involved in their classrooms and attend their special events,” Kenda said. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this if my kids had gone somewhere else.”

As part of the Community Based Education & Training Services (CBETS) team, Kenda’s days involve a lot of movement. “I come into the office and get my things for the day, then I leave and drive around Wichita visiting children at different centers,” she said. “I come back to the office for lunch and some office time, then I leave again and see more kids for therapy services in the afternoon.”

Kenda’s favorite memories are of sharing a small working space with her co-workers at Uptown Kids. “The staff were great to work with and it felt like family,” she said.

When Kenda is not running around Wichita on visits, she enjoys reading, exercising, and going to watch her kids’ many activities.

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