Infant/Toddler Services

Lee "Paco" Price

Perhaps American psychiatrist, Karl A Menninger said it best, "What is done to children, they will do to society." Lee "Paco" Price's favorite quote truly represents the inspiration and mission of Rainbows United staff members to enhance the lives of children with special needs as well as their families throughout the community. Paco is the day-to-day direct Supervisor and Coordinator for Sedgwick County Infant/Toddler Services that serves 1,101 children birth through age three in FY2012. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Kansas.

Paco has actively participated in Rainbows' activities since he first joined the team in June 1995. His interest in Special Education stems from his babysitting experiences as a child. Paco grew up with lots of family around the house. Because Paco’s sister had her first son when Paco was about a year old, "I’ve practically been babysitting since I was just a one year old," Paco said. "In the Summer I had the opportunity to work with some children with special needs growing up that is where my initial experience stems from. I love working with children."

Paco's numerous accomplishments since 1995 demonstrate his constant dedication to Rainbows and to children with special needs. Personally, Paco feels that helping the staff truly support children with special needs and their families is among his greatest accomplishments. Likewise, Rainbows United has had a lasting impact on Paco's own life and career. "I’ve seen the value of true teaming and collaboration, and how when we all do our individual jobs well that it provides a greater good for a larger number."

One of Paco's favorite memories of working at Rainbows includes his interaction with the 10:15+ Club, a group comprised of individuals who have been staff members of Rainbows for over 10 years. "A couple of years ago, I got to sit with eight to ten Infant/Toddler Service staff members, who were all sharing the fun memories of working with families. Just being a part of that camaraderie was a great pleasure."

Paco has roots in the western Kansas town of Colby.