Mary Miller

Eighteen years ago, Mary Miller, or Miss Mary, found her place at Rainbows United as a para-educator. One of her responsibilities is to provide affection to the children at Rainbows and the children never fail to express their love back to her. The kids are not the only ones who adore Miss Mary, she is also highly respected and appreciated by her co-workers.

“Miss Mary never complains. She is willing to work regular hours or overtime hours in any classroom,” said her supervisor, Michelle Croomes. “Not to mention, the kids love her. She is so kind and gentle with them, she can work with any age and at any time.”

Miss Mary enjoys working with all ages, as long as she knows she is providing the love and care the children deserve.

 “I chose this career because I have always loved children, especially children with special needs,” Miss Mary said. “I take pleasure in helping children in their developmental growth.”

Rainbows provides Miss Mary work with her true passion, kids with special needs. On a regular day, Miss Mary will attend to children’s physical needs, and will sing, play, dance, or do anything to keep the children happy and by doing so, she recognizes their strengths and weaknesses and help the children progress.