Michael Tatro

Speech Language Pathologist

“My biggest achievement is feeling like I have made a genuine difference in a child’s life,” Michael said. Since staring her career with Rainbows in 2011, Michael views her job as making families feel like they have more possibilities than limitations in their future.

Michael is a speech language pathologist who works with the families of Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services through early intervention therapy services. She also spends time doing research, making materials for use in therapy, and connecting families to additional resources. Michael received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas. She continued on to receive a master’s degree in communication and science disorders from Wichita State University and also has her certification of clinical confidence.

A lifelong learner, Michael always seems to be researching something. “I am very interested in myofunctional disorders, catching and treating those in our birth to three population,” she said. Michael shares the things she learns with her co-workers and is always learning and laughing with them.

Michael loves to support parents in feeling empowered and confident when it comes to helping their child or family grow, whatever that looks like for them. “We, as parents of neuro-typical children, don’t necessarily appreciate or see all of the small steps of development,” she said. “When I walk into a home and parents are excited to tell me something new their child is doing, we get to celebrate, no matter how big or small the achievement is.”

Michael recognizes that every behavior is a form of communication, whether good or bad. Her education and experience have taught her to look at communication from a different perspective. Rather than looking at the surface, Michael seeks to understand the desired end result of the child’s behaviors.

Michael and her husband, Matt have been married for 12 years and have an almost three-year-old son. “Even though I’ve been an early interventionist for over 10 years, he still keeps me on my toes,” she laughed. They enjoy watching movies, playing games, and being out, in or on the water in the summer time.

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