Raven Guliford

Direct Service Professional

Raven Guliford is passionate about helping kids with disabilities. As a Lead, Raven’s day is busy, spent ensuring everyone’s needs in her classroom are met.  “I just deal with whatever situations happen during each day.  It’s definitely an exciting job,” she said.  This is Raven’s second year working at Rainbows, and she believes her biggest achievements are “the little things”. “Working here is not always easy, but every day is a new victory.”

Working at Rainbows as provided Raven with many memories that she won’t soon forget. “One time I wore new glasses to work and asked a kid what was different about me today.  Before noticing my glasses, he guessed that my hair was not done and I had not put on makeup.”  She also has great memories of Camp shaving cream fights because she likes to see everyone get involved.

In the two years that Raven has been with Rainbows, she has met many wonderful people and feels like Rainbows is her family.  In addition to introducing her to great people, Rainbows has also helped Raven find her calling. Before Rainbows, she worked at a daycare and as a babysitter. She has always been interested in helping kids, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do as a career. “Working at Rainbows taught me what I want to do as a social worker.” Raven currently has a liberal arts degree and is now working towards a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

Outside of Rainbows, being a student takes up a lot of Raven’s time. However, when she isn’t busy studying, she enjoys music and loves to sing.

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