Scarlett Grassie

Spanish Interpreter

As the Spanish Interpreter for Rainbows, Scarlett Grassie helps facilitate the communication between families and children with special needs and their therapists.  “My biggest achievement is helping our Spanish speaking families to understand their therapists and helping the families communicate their concerns and successes with the therapists and case managers,” said Scarlett.

Scarlett typically works with the Infant/Toddler Services (ITS) programs in Sedgwick and Butler Counties, helping serve about 35 families at a time. She works with speech/language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and Early Childhood Special Education teachers. She also helps translate for Rainbows’ Targeted Case Managers and their families.

“Scarlett is a wonderful addition to the Infant/Toddler teams in Sedgwick and Butler County,” said Susan Harsh, Coordinator, Infant/Toddler Services, Butler County. “She has the ability to provide communication between the parent and primary provider so they both understand the needs of the child. What a valuable asset we have in Scarlett!”

“A normal work day for me pre-pandemic was driving all over Wichita and Butler County and going into homes with the ITS staff, assisting them with their Spanish speaking families. I served about 5-7 families on a daily basis,” said Scarlett.  “This meant a lot of driving.  A normal work day for me now with the pandemic is I help translate virtually through an iPad or phone as part of the early intervention team.”

“My favorite part of my job is witnessing the children achieve their speech or motor skills goals by the time they age out of the ITS program,” said Scarlett. “I am proud to be part of making that happen.”

Scarlett and her husband DJ have been married for 6 years.  “We do not have any kids yet, but we do have a cat named Momo,” said Scarlett.  “Working at Rainbows, I have also had the opportunity to learn about a child’s development. Everything I have learned will help me when I have my own children.”

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