Seth McDaniel

Direct Service Professional

Seth McDaniel enjoys how every day is different at Rainbows.  As a Lead in Classroom 104, most of Seth’s days consist of creating lesson plans and dealing with special situations. He is always excited to come to work and finds his job at Rainbows very rewarding. According to Seth, working with children with special needs has made him more patient and forgiving.

This is Seth’s second summer at Camp Woodchuck. His favorite part of Camp is the annual shaving cream fight.  “I like it because it gets the whole Camp involved.  All the Campers and Staff participate.”  He is also very proud of his Camp room winning “Best Rocket” two years in a row.

Additionally, Seth provides direct service outside of Camp. He works with a specific child in the family home and says one of his biggest achievements is watching that child win an Outstanding Youth Award.

Outside of Rainbows, Seth enjoys soccer and tennis, along with other sports.  He also plays piano and guitar.  Seth attended to Kansas State University for three years to study engineering, before deciding that wasn’t his passion.  He moved to Kansas City for a short time before moving back to Wichita, where he is now studying bio med, specializing in neurology.   He is very interested in how the brain works and would like to be a pediatrician someday.

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