Sharon Stump

Speech Language Pathologist

Sharon began working at Rainbows in January of 2008. She received her both her Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) with a minor in Psychology from Wichita State University. Sharon always knew she wanted to work with children. She found out about Rainbows through Betty Graham, Rainbows’ Vice President of Human Resources. After hearing what Betty had to say, she knew this was an organization that she wanted to be a part of.

Sharon has been familiar with speech disorders for a long time. She, herself received speech therapy in kindergarten at the University of Arkansas. Sharon’s family moved to Wichita where she continued private speech services. “After two years of therapy I was able to make the /s/ sound and say my name: Sharon Stump,” says Sharon. As a member of the CBETS team, she sometimes has children individually and sometimes she works with a group. “Sharon is an adventurous spirit, and always finds a creative way to get things done,” said Michelle Croomes, Program Coordinator.

When Sharon isn’t providing therapy services she enjoys gardening, sports, traveling, watching classic movies, and a good cup of hot cocoa. She also does volunteer work and Adoration at her church. Sharon has a daughter who is a nurse in Leawood, Kansas. She also has three siblings and considers herself fortunate to have both of her parents living.

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