Sidni Garwood

A passion for people and a desire to help others is what attracted Sidni to Rainbows. “I’ve always felt a certain pull towards the non-profit realm. I knew working for a community group was something I would not only enjoy, but also employment I could bring a lot of strengths into,” said Sidni.

A native of Oklahoma, Sidni Garwood moved to Kansas with her husband in 2014 after they both graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University. She became Rainbows’ Volunteer Coordinator in 2015 and jumped in with both feet to coordinate volunteers for Rainbows’ special events, daily needs and corporate groups.

“Seeing children being influenced through Rainbows’ daily has provided me with a unique and more positive perspective,” said Sidni.  “We all have battles and challenges, some much worse than others, but the key is not letting yourself be defeated by them. I get to witness the hope that Rainbows gives to children through the support and services provided here. What a beautiful picture of love and grace that is.”

Sidni is a member of Metro East Baptist Church and enjoys spending time with friends built through a small group. She likes to run and hopes to complete her second half-marathon in 2016. On the weekends, you can find her watching movies, attempting DIY craft projects, or traveling to Oklahoma or Nebraska to spend time with family.

“Sidni brings a smile and energy to every project,” says Michelle Eastman, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “Her skills and dedication are perfect to match Rainbows’ many volunteer needs with interested groups and unique individuals, helping each to see the bigger picture of how they are making a difference for children with special needs and their families through Rainbows.”

In addition to coordinating volunteers, Sidni helps with Rainbow’ marketing efforts in social media, community fairs, presentations plus writing family stories and staff profiles.