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Lead Teacher

Autumn Hutchison, a Lead Teacher at Rainbows United Kids’ Point, was inspired to work with children from a very young age.

Individualized Camp experience provided In-Home during pandemic
Direct Service Professional

This is Direct Support Professional Raegen Swink’s third year at Rainbows and she is using her past experiences at Camp Woodchuck to help make this year’s Woodchuck Adventure a success. 

Charlesetta Berry

Charlesetta Berry joined Rainbows United 22 years ago as a volunteer. After two years, Charlesetta had taken a job somewhere else and was leaving her volunteer position.

Individualized Camp experience provided In-Home during pandemic
Direct Service Professional

While she was in high school, Marina Pebley spent a few summers providing care for a teenage boy with Autism. “I really enjoyed getting to know and hang out with him, as well as getting to do fun summer activities and take him to his therapy sessions,” said Marina.


This month will mark three years since I started working at Rainbows. I was hired to work in the toddlers’ room, as an Opener.

Direct Service Professional

Direct Service Professional Erica Anyalebechi has almost 24 years of experience working with children in our community.  During the school year, Erica works for USD 259 while also serving as a Rainbows’ lead for weekend services at Kids’ Cove.

Targeted Case Manager

“To me, all children no matter their background are equal and deserve the best quality life,” said Karina Vargas, Targeted Case Manager. “Rainbows is the place to make that happen. I love everything about my job.”

Targeted Case Management/Autism Program Assistant

The definition of the name Karis describes Karis Sparks perfectly: “A highly unique, interesting person who is worth taking the time to know. Karis is witty, intelligent, passionate, and wise.” 

Speech Language Pathologist

“These past six months I have worked with a child who has Apraxia, a condition in which his brain knows what he wants to say but the message gets lost on the way to his mouth,” said Kristin McCleerey, Speech Language Pathologist.

Early Intervention Audiologist

At a very young age, Patrick Washington suffered hearing loss as a result of a slap from an abusive babysitter.  It wasn’t until a routine kindergarten screening that torn hearing and balance nerves were diagnosed.  By Second Grade, Patrick had decided to become an Ear Doctor, or Audiologist.

Physical Therapist

As a Physical Therapist with Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services, Jamee Funk normally sees between 4-7 families a day. She works with families in their homes and sometimes daycare facilities, teaching and coaching family members how to help their child in a playful manner. 

Mental Health Specialist

Mental Health Specialist Alice Boutz has always had a passion for early childhood and early interventions. “I’ve had two family members that have received early childhood interventions in the Kansas City area,” she said.