Theresa Merck

Physical Therapist

“I truly believe in the importance of early intervention,” Physical Therapist Theresa Merck said. Theresa enjoys her work with children every day. “They keep me young, make me laugh, lighten my load and give me inspiration.”

Theresa received a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Wichita State University.

In 2014, Theresa celebrated 20 years of serving at Rainbows. “There are victories everyday working with children and their families,” Theresa said. “Watching them grow, learn and accomplish goals.”

Being a member of the Rainbows’ family has had a positive impact on Theresa’s interaction with others. “Rainbows has deepened my ability to take people as they are,” Theresa said. “It takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round.”

A normal day for Theresa includes driving anywhere from 60-100 miles seeing children around Wichita. Theresa’s work with families often requires her to be more than a Physical Therapist. “Most days I am also a counselor, confidant, financial advisor, cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on.”

Theresa’s favorite Rainbows’ memories involve pulling pranks on other staff members. Outside of Rainbows, she enjoys being on her farm with many animals. Her greatest joy in life is spending time with her sons.

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