Vanessa Segura

Coordinator, Development

A Wichita native, Vanessa Segura, Development Coordinator, has a passion for community engagement…and Rainbows. Vanessa joined the Rainbows’ team in March 2022 and was an integral part in raising over $1 million at Fashion Passion in November.

“It was extraordinary how the community came together for Fashion Passion,” said Vanessa. “I was fortunate to be part of a significant fundraising event that engaged so many people. I was able to use my experience and develop new skills along the way.”

Vanessa attended Wichita State University for 3 ½ years and then graduated from the Elliott School with a degree in Communications. She previously worked for Festive ICT and KMUW. She was introduced into the non-profit world early on in college while working in fundraising and events for KMUW where she furthered her personal interests and education of community engagement throughout Wichita and learned how to engage and build interests with diverse areas.

As part of the Development team, Vanessa is constantly coming up with new ideas with her coworkers. “Innovative ideas and strategies are encouraged in Development which makes a normal workday unpredictable sometimes. This also includes a lot of research and teamwork and lots of brainstorming sessions.”

Growing up, Vanessa was aware of Rainbows’ presence in Wichita. As Development Coordinator, her knowledge of Rainbows has grown into understanding the impact Rainbows has in the community and how her skills can also make an impact. “Understanding how my gained experience through life and work can contribute to the services Rainbows provides in the community is my biggest achievement so far,” she said.

Seeing all the babies and children with all their spunkiness and attitudes and President Gay Kimble’s morning chocolate chip cookies are Vanessa’s favorite parts of working at Rainbows. “There are so many stories I have of how my coworkers are their true most genuine self which is something I love to see at work,” she said. “I think having the kids’ energy so close by allows everyone to bring their feelings, emotions and great personalities to work (as kids are encouraged to do while at school). This also encourages everyone to have fun with their fashion sense, which I love!

Vanessa loves to travel and loves art. Loving art includes going to concerts, watching movies and tv shows and then analyzing them. She also loves Asian cuisine of all kinds and hanging out with friends

Vanessa’s immediate family lives in Wichita but her cousins, uncles and aunt all live in Mexico City. She enjoys visiting them and playing with all their kids. “I wish my family was in one place because I love playing with babies,” she said, “which is another reason why I love the perk of seeing the babies at Rainbows.”

“I am such a dog mom,” said Vanessa. “I go to the dog park every day. Fun fact! My family dog is a small peekapoo that is black and white. My brother has a miniature aussie which is black and white and my sister has a black and white sheep doodle …and well, I have a dalmatian!”

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