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A Day of Secrets for Staff

10:15+ Club

At 10:15 a.m. on October 15 (10/15), buses rolled into Kids’ Point and Kids’ Cove to carry staff members who have worked at Rainbows 10 or more years to a surprise location for the annual Rainbows’ 10:15+ Club celebration. This is a day set aside to recognize and honor these employees. The festivities are sponsored by Rainbows United, Inc.’s Board of Directors

 “There is a feeling of excitement, embarking on a secret adventure together,” said Teddi Hollingsworth, 18-year employee with Infant/Toddler Services. “It’s like a family reunion, where our individual accomplishments are celebrated together. I reflect on the longevity of my co-workers, and how they all have a special place in the collective whole of the organization, helping children and families reach their full potential.”

“Being in Rainbows’ 10:15+ Club is an honor,” said Mental Health Specialist, attending the event for the first time, Kathy Van Zelfden. “Seeing co-workers being celebrated for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+ years of service lets you know that employees believe in the mission and take pride in what they do. Shout out to Nurse Shirley for 30 years of service!  I’ve never worked anywhere where employees’ longevity is recognized with a day of celebration and fun.”

“The 10:15+ Club gathering at Chicken N Pickle was a blast with a relaxed and comfortable gathering place, delicious order-what-you-want food, a variety of games to watch or participate in, and best of all being able to spend time to reconnect, meet, and have fun with co-workers,” said Kim Stewart, Speech Language Pathologist and 20-year employee. “The competition was stiff regardless of whether people were playing pickle ball, shuffle board, jenga, hula hoops, or corn hole.  There were also plenty of comfortable areas to sit and watch the action or visit with friends. The day capped off with a Freddy’s Frozen Custard sundae bar.”

“I enjoyed having no structure to the afternoon,” said Sharon Stump, Speech Language Pathologist and 11-year employee. “There was plenty of time and choices to do what we wanted to do whether that was playing or visiting.  I also enjoyed eating lunch with Board Member Pat Gearhart. It was nice to have the opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level.”

“This day would not be possible without our board of directors,” said Teddi. “They generously give their valuable time and resources to make this special event possible every year. This year one of my favorite moments was meeting board member Lisa Farris. She sat with our table during lunch and kept us all entertained with her humor. It’s moments like these that have me looking forward to next year’s celebration.”

Congratulations to all 10:15+ Club members. You are a truly special group.

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