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Helping infants born every day who will need Rainbows United services.

The goal of the Rainbows United Charitable Foundation, Inc. is to provide the necessary financial security to ensure that our community’s children of tomorrow will receive the individual help they need to succeed and thrive. Income from endowed funds supports maintenance of existing services as well as development of cutting edge service enhancements despite fluctuations in other established funding streams.

Endowment Partner

Rainbows United Charitable Foundation, Inc. partners with Wichita Community Foundation for agency designation and endowed funds. Please visit Wichita Community Foundation at to learn more about their services to the community.

Spending Policy

Except as otherwise specifically provided in any gift instrument by any given donor, RUCF shall have a spending policy to distribute to RU, on an annual basis, a sum not to exceed six percent (6%) of the four (4) year moving average of the market values of the Fund with the value of the last measuring year being that existing at year end prior to the calendar year the most recent spending amount becomes effective.

Adopted 12/18/03.