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Thank you for meeting the needs of more than 4,234 children with special needs and their families.

Rainbows has been providing vital services to children birth through age 21 for the last 50 years. In fact, Rainbows has served more than 62,000 children over our 50 years, including Khamoi,
Sophia and Megan.

You helped children like Khamoi and her family face Autism.
“It was nerve-wracking as parents for us to choose pre-school for Khamoi,” said Rickeyia, her mother. “It is hard to put your trust in other people to care for your child. Rainbows is different from other centers. They are invested in Khamoi.”

Khamoi’s social skills have improved. When she first started, she didn’t interact with the other kids very much. Now, she has several friends she enjoys playing with and will seek them out to play with her.

Your gift has an impact for a lifetime.

Born with poor hearing, astigmatism, Cerebral Palsy with diplegia and low birth weight, Megan has benefitted from
therapies since she was very young. Those therapies started at Rainbows in 2002 when she attended Ritchie Family Center for child care. “Therapists poured into helping her to walk, talk and get connected to resources for hearing aids and glasses plus growing her confidence.” Megan remembers attending Rainbows in her early years and walking across the stage for her pre-kindergarten graduation. Sherrill says it was a special moment for the family.

Your gift brings hope and answers to families in the middle of a crisis, helping them succeed and find strength. Families are counting on you to help raise $100,000 by June 30, 2022.

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