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Find answers to questions about development and services for young children

The professionals at Connecting Point provide information and referrals for young children, answer questions and share schedules for monthly developmental screening clinics. A wealth of information awaits you through Connecting Point.

A project of Sedgwick County Early Childhood Coordinating Council.

Mission: Children and Families are Connected to Community Resources

Our Vision: Bringing out the best in all young children!

The SCECCC has an efficient structure and reflects the diversity of the community through continuous Council Development

Parents and Community Partners speak with a collective Voice to improve the quality of early childhood services.

A screening is a quick look at how a child is doing developmentally. Caregivers will have an opportunity to discuss concerns and screening options. We screen in the areas of development, hearing, vision, speech/language, and behavior.

Children will be screened by a professional that is knowledgeable in early childhood development. Screening results show if the child passed, needs re-screened, or is referred on for an evaluation. Each child will leave with a Kid Kit folder of community resources and basic developmental information as well as the results of the screening.

I know the signs of healthy child development.     Yo conozco los signos de un desarrollo infantil saludable.

For more information about Community Resources and Early Childhood Mental Health, check out the following:

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A quick look at how a child is doing developmentally.