Personal assistance in finding and securing programs, services and financial aid your child needs.​

At Rainbows, we see each child as a masterpiece–a unique treasure. Through our targeted case management service, our case managers act as curators, specialists trained to identify and reveal the beauty within each child.

Our helping hands provide personal assistance in finding and securing the programs, services and financial aid you and your child need. We support your child and family by meeting with other persons involved in your child’s life including teachers, therapists and care providers to make certain every aspect is working in your child’s best interest.

Our case managers help you identify:

  • What you need for your child
  • What resources are available
  • How to access those services and resources
  • How to coordinate education, purchased services and natural supports

Funding for Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability (ID/DD) Services may include:

  • Respite care
  • On-going care
  • Assistance with durable medical equipment
  • Supplies

Next Steps:

  • The selection process for a case management agency may begin as soon as your child is determined eligible for Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability (ID/DD) Services.
  • To apply in Sedgwick County, request an application form from the Sedgwick County Development Disability Organization (SCDDO) by calling the Single Point Entry team at 316.660.7630.
  • To apply in Butler County contact the Butler County Development Disability Organization (CDDO) at 316.322.8777.
  • Get connected with a Rainbows’ case manager

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