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Honoring Long-Term Staff

2016 10:15+ Club Celebration

One day each year is set aside to honor staff members who have served at Rainbows for 10 years. This special celebration is the 10:15+ Club event.

Typically, every year on October 15 at 10:15 a.m., Club members are transported to secret locations where the day is spent doing fun activities and celebrating milestones. This year October 15 fell on a Saturday, so the fun was scheduled for Monday, October 17.

The 10:15+ Club is currently 78 members strong! This year’s first stop of the day was at Karg Art Glass in Kechi, KS. Karg Art is a treasure that features some of the most exquisite works of art created by a diverse selection of artists. The gallery showcases a variety of art forms from glass art to metal sculptures and paintings. Here, Rainbows’ staff was able to enjoy viewing this unique art gallery and was even able to watch three different glassblowers at work! Everyone was greeted by Rainbows’ Board Members, Steve Cox , Hale Ritchie, and Pat Gearhart, along with Patrick Ritchie who were on hand serving coffee and hot chocolate.

Club members then loaded buses and headed to the Wichita Art Museum. Upon their arrival, they were directed to a banquet hall, prepared with decorated tables and delicious Italian lunch buffet. After finishing lunch, awards for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years were presented by Rainbows’ Board Chair, Dr. Josh Umbehr, and Board Members Wayne Chambers, Steve Cox, John Decesaro, and Gail Johnson, along with John Lohmeier. The afternoon was spent watching the movie I am Sam, about a developmentally disabled father who is fighting to win back custody of his beloved daughter. The “movie theater feel” was made complete with a popcorn bar with treats from The Popcorner. Guided tours given by knowledgeable docents were also available to staff who wished to view the beautiful Art Museum. 

“Because any staff person at Rainbows could find a job elsewhere, 10:15+ is important! I believe Rainbows has the 10:15+ club to show appreciation for the awesome work we do. We are a strong organization and I feel we do great work with the children and families we serve in Butler and Sedgwick Counties. The Leadership team and Board of Directors realizes this and always makes the day fun,” said Butler County Program Coordinator, Susan Harsh.

Case Records Coordinator Holly Howell has been a 10:15+ Club member for 7 years. “It’s something to look forward to. What an enjoyable day to see friends and celebrate what we do! The element of surprise adds a fun flare – we never know where we’re going until we get there and each year is better than the last one. It makes me feel that I am a part of something good and reaffirms my faith that what I do helps children,”   she said.

Evident from its growing number of members, the 10:15+ Club is proof that our staff is passionate about working at Rainbows. It is an exciting moment when a staff member is inducted into the 10:15+ Club. Thank you to all 10:15+ Club members who have dedicated 10 years or more to Rainbows. We appreciate everything you have done, do, and will do for the children and families we serve!


This year’s service milestones included:

10 Years

Kara Knight – Occupational Therapist

Gladys Miller – Infant/Toddler Services Assistant

Tori Price – Physical Therapist

Michelle Eastman – VP of Marketing and Communications

Mary Jane Duling – Direct Support Staff

Katherine Clark – Intensive Individual Support Worker

Daniel Toledo – Direct Service Provider


15  Years

Jason Post – Controller

Joanna Wiebe – Speech-Language Pathologist

Sarah Bigley – Social Worker

Teddi Hollingsworth – Infant/Toddler Services Teacher

Ellen Larson – Physical Therapist


20 Years

Leslie English – Infant/Toddler Services Teacher


25 Years

Lutfe Begum – Family Resource Specialist

Nancy Williamston – Direct Service Provider


30 Years

Brenda Traugott – Infant/Toddler Services Teacher


35 Years

Debbie Mai – VP of Programs