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New Year, Same Us

2018, here we come!

Approaching January 1 each year, people set personal or professional goals, proclaim their resolutions, and often call for “a new year, new you”.

2018 is now upon us, and Rainbows has been planning for the year to come for quite some time. One of Rainbows’ Guiding Principles is: “Continuously improve in all aspects of our business”. We have some fresh things on the horizon and are excited to see our established goals come to fruition. In 2018, Rainbows will launch several new endeavors…

  • “Revealing Masterpieces” Technology Project:

Rainbows is happy to report that the organization is moving forward with an upgrade in technology and a contract was signed with the vendor, Netsmart, on Friday, September 29, 2017.

The software called “myEvolv” will combine all client data into one database, allow each user to configure a home page, set alerts, follow referrals and track client progress. This cutting-edge software will be used by direct service staff to speed up the process of enrolling children, determining what interventions are most needed, and providing timely services to improve client outcomes. Program managers and Rainbows’ leadership team will have increased ability to gain insight from program data and act on insights to improve program quality.

This robust tool will provide families with personal logins to view data on their children and communicate with staff through the patient portal.

“I am looking forward to implementing this new technology and gathering all Rainbows’ data into a new, secure system that allows real time reporting and tracking of multiple services in one place,” said Deb Voth. “This is the next step in upgrading our technology.”

Netsmart will kick off this exciting project the week of January 15, 2018.

  • Strategic Planning:

Rainbows’ began a Strategic Planning process with Rainbows’ Board of Directors, Leadership Team, and key staff under the facilitation of Wichita State University Community Engagement Institute. The following four themes have been identified:

1. Champion children with special needs

2. Capitalize on our value to create funding streams

3. Attract, retain, and support world class talent

4. Enhance value through internal and external communication                                               

Work to identify next steps and implementation will take place on January 10, 2018.

  • New take on Run | Walk event:

For the past 6 years, Rainbows has hosted an annual Run | Walk event in support of the agency’s Butler County Services. The previous 4 were themed as “glow” events and held in the evening. The 2018 Run | Walk is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at Lincoln Elementary School in Augusta, however this year will have a new look and feel as we transition the race and family fun back to the morning. We are eager for the new opportunities this change in time will bring! Be on the lookout in the weeks to come for more general information, registration instructions, and exciting event features. We can’t wait to see you there!

These additions and changes coming in 2018 will certainly advance Rainbows’ objectives and enhance our overall mission, however, we aren’t professing a comprehensive “new year, new you”. While we strive to be on the forefront and look for opportunities to grow where needed, we will continue to be the same Rainbows:  serving children and youth with special needs, supporting their families, making both our highest priority.

How about “a new year, same us”? Caring. Supportive. Consistent. Rainbows’ vision is to continue revealing the masterpiece that each child is meant to be. Our goal is to build a legacy of kindness, service, and growth by making a difference. We are humbled by the chance to take on a new year serving the local community.

2018, here we come!