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Rainbows secures an additional $2 million for statewide tiny-k Infant/Toddler services

2018 Kansas Legislative Session

The 2018 Kansas Legislative Session is over and Rainbows was fortunate in helping secure an additional $2 million for the tiny-k Infant/Toddler statewide service system. It is the first real increase tiny-k providers have had since 2009. This only happened because of the strong leadership of Senator Carolyn McGinn who is Chair of Ways and Means and other committee members who joined her in supporting this needed increase. 

Rainbows is the tiny-k Lead and Fiscal Agency for both Butler and Sedgwick Counties. From 2010 to 2016 the number of children served by Rainbows increased by 84% while funding through the State increased only by 9.5%. During this same time period the number of children served statewide increased by 22% while state funding increased by just 1.75%.

Educating legislators about the needs of children, families and providers falls in line with Rainbows’ first Strategic Focus Area which is Championing Children with Special Needs. One of the measurements of this Focus Area is to assist in increasing state funding. We were successful this Legislative Session because of the solid support legislators from our own communities gave this initiative. So much appreciation goes to Senator McGinn and her colleagues! On behalf of young children with special needs and their families, thank you!

Written by Deb Voth, President