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A Life Changing Experience

2019 Camp Woodchuck

By Lynlea Southards, Family Support Services Program Coordinator

Camp Woodchuck 2019 was a huge success and a summer that will be cherished in our hearts and minds forever. This year at camp there were 86 camp staff and 115 campers. It was amazing to watch all the relationships develop and grow. The staff built relationships with the campers that will have a lifelong impact on the campers as well as the staff. Many staff shared that the kids made a life changing impact on them that they are so grateful for and will never forget. It was exciting to watch the campers grow socially and their smiles warmed the hearts of everyone around them.

One of the many adventures at camp this year that encouraged a great amount of social growth for the campers were the weekly choir trips. Every week the campers visited a community partner and performed three choir songs. Each week during the performance, the campers showed more confidence, smiles and engagement with their audience. After the performance the campers would introduce themselves and hand out thank you cards and small crafts they had made. It was truly an experience that brought happiness to the campers and those in the community.

The Field trips this summer here always full of adventure and fun!  The Sedgwick County Zoo, Moxi Junction and the splash pad were a few of the favorites this year. The kids loved getting out and visiting the wild animals at the zoo. They ordered, purchased and enjoyed a cookie from Moxi Junction and cooled off from the summer heat at the splash pad. The campers and staff always had fun stories and were so excited to share their field trip experiences.

Every Friday during camp there was a special event. The event everyone is still talking about is the Talent Show. The kids did an incredible job! There were group, duets, and solo acts. The talents were so amazing and many of the campers showed courage and conquered their fears. The families, staff and the campers were proud of the success and the way each performer showed their unique personality and how truly inspiring there are.

As camp ended there were goodbyes, hugs and tears from campers and staff. All voiced their excitement for next year and gratefulness for the experience. The memories of Camp Woodchuck 2019 will be shared and cherished. We look forward to next summer and all the fun and adventures that Camp Woodchuck 2020 will bring!

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