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A Parent's Perspective

Early Intervention Services help children

As a parent, we tend to think a certain way about our children. Thinking about all the things you imagine them doing as they grow. What will they grow up to be, praying they don’t deal with any major struggles and hoping they don’t deal with a lot of pain and hurt.

When my daughter Fiona wouldn’t speak, I became really worried. She was a happy 2-year-old and I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t talk. I didn’t have a clue on what resources to look for to help her. I contacted her doctor and they told me about Rainbows. I had heard of them before but I was not fully aware of the services they provided.

I was pretty nervous to make the phone call to Rainbows to schedule an appointment for Fiona but I wanted to get her the help she needed. I made the appointment and we met with a Speech Pathologist. I felt anxious and sad because I didn’t want Fiona to have a label in front of her name. When we met with the Speech Pathologist, she made me feel comfortable and at ease, with the decision I had made about getting Fiona help. Since Rainbows’ services, Fiona has started to talk. The services Rainbows provided helped my daughter be successful in expressing what she wants and how she feels.

Now that I work for Rainbows, I can see services from the other side. I am able to see the happiness Rainbows’ services bring to the families we serve. I am able to feel that happiness in myself, knowing that I am part of an amazing organization providing the services needed for these families. I love being a part of the Rainbows’ Team.

Written by: Casaundra Whisenhunt – Mental Health Assistant